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The TRACKS project in the UK

The British Red Cross has been working closely with a range of statutory and non-statutory providers in the UK who have all been keen to support and get involved in the TRACKS project.

There are already some good practices that have been identified, such as support from the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) hub and NRM experts for asylum determination officers and the ability to claim asylum based on membership of a particular social group.


All participants have highlighted the shortcomings in the current system however, and statutory and non-statutory providers have both agreed that we can work more closely together to improve the experience of trafficked asylum seekers.


One of the key challenges in the UK is the lack of data on the specific number of people who have claimed asylum based mainly on their trafficking experience. Without figures on this, it is difficult to ascertain exactly the number of people who this could be affecting. What seems apparent is that most NGOS and the Red Cross are supporting a range of people who have been confirmed as trafficked but who have received negative asylum outcomes.