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Second Focus Group Meeting hosted by the Immigrant Council of Ireland

The Immigrant Council of Ireland hosted the second focus group dedicated to the identification of the special needs of victims of trafficking in the asylum process, as part of the TRACKS project. The purpose of the focus group was to discuss the project toolkit, currently being drafted. The group was attended by a cross selection of important stakeholders, including State and non-State actors such as the police, representatives from the government ministry with the mandate for coordinating anti-trafficking efforts in Ireland, the immigration and reception authorities, IOM, UNHCR major state agencies as well as international and national NGO’s.

The tool-box was presented to participants, in particular its format and key elements of its content. During the meeting, valuable and positive inputs were collected from the members participating for improving and tailoring the tool-box at the national level. Feedback was shared with regard to how the toolkit could be further developed in order to ensure its applicability to the Irish context and so that it can respond to the organisational needs of those for whom it is intended. Much of the discussion focused on how the information could possibly be tailored to meet the needs of different stakeholders and complimentary information which could be included to increase the capacity of those using the toolkit. One of the main and general highlights during the session was to clarify practitioners’ role during the process of identification using this tool. Overall, the toolkit was well received and there has been much interest from those who attended the focus group in receiving a copy of the finished product.