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Six months left towards the end of the TRACKS project

A year and half after the TRACKS project has started, time has come to share findings and recommendations. Hence, the consolidated report of the TRACKS project is about to be released and it should be available in the coming weeks! Since the last information update published in February 2017, the project partners have worked hard on the consolidated report which compiles analyses and compares the findings collected in the seven countries studied, namely Cyprus, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Associated partners too have been involved in this process. The research reveals many shortcomings in both the national legislative frameworks and the implementation of existing rules and standards. Therefore, asylum seekers who are victims of trafficking do not see, or insufficiently, their special needs being identified and taken into consideration with regard to the asylum procedures and reception conditions. In order to improve this situation in the countries studied as well as throughout Europe, a set of joint recommendations has been formulated and will be advocated for by the project partner organisations, at both national and European levels.


In parallel, a central activity to the project is being further implemented: the tool-box for practitioners. Indeed, during the work of the project, it became apparent that a large proportion of first line asylum practitioners are not familiar with the concept and the practical consequences of trafficking in human beings, and the special needs that victims may have in the context of the asylum process. The tool-box therefore tries to bridge this gap. All in all, the tool-box aims at advising asylum practitioners how to detect trafficking victims in the asylum procedure, how to react when such suspicions arise, and to offer suggestions for referring victims. It also seeks to provide a harmonized approach on the issue of identification of special needs of trafficked victims seeking asylum as well as on how to meet these needs and to facilitate improved cooperation between relevant stakeholders providing support to victims of trafficking in the asylum process. This tool-box has a common framework that is being tailored at national level. The tailoring process is being supported thanks to the involvement of national professionals in focus group meetings and through bilateral or small thematic group discussions. A first draft of the national tool-boxes is to be ready in September 2017 and they will be tested with the focus groups at national level. A final expert seminar will then be hold in October in Rome in order for the project partners to work on the common tool-box through a bottom-up approach therefore integrating the work done at the national level. This will progressively bring the project towards its end that will be marked by a final conference to be hold in Brussels in December.


More updates will be shared on the later in our information newssheet #4 to be released in November 2017!


Keep on supporting the project and following its implementation, KEEP TRACKS!