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TRACKS Final Conference

The partners of the project presented in Brussels the results of a research work, analysis, drawing up of practical tools, and especially recommendations aiming to better identify and meet the needs of victims of trafficking.

The event was organised in two parts. First of all, representatives of institutions and civil society organisations coming from the countries involved (for example the French and Spanish Offices competent for asylum application, Save the Children Iatly or Caritas Cyprus) and from Brussels (like for instance the International Orgnaisation for Migration, the UNHCR, or the European Asylum Support Office, or the Red Cross) were invited to a presentation of the main findings of the report, punctuated by examples of goods practices implemented in the countries involved. Recommendations formulated by the partners, funded on this basis, were also shared with the participants, which enabled to have a discussion between all the participants and identify challenges that still have to be addressed.


In a second part, the partners met the representatives of the countries involved in order to share the results of the project in each country (main findings, recommendations, toolbox for practitioners supporting asylum seekers who may be potential victims of trafficking). This meeting enabled them to lead a joint reflection on solutions to consider to address difficulties encountered.